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2014 Wings Wheels & Wine Programme*

Wings Wheels & Wine on Sunday 27th April 2014

Time Aircraft/ Vehicle Activity
1000-1012 Powered Paragliders
Handling Display
1015-1030 Yak 52
Aerobatic Display
1030-1045 Wirraway Aerobatics
1045-1100 S211 SIAI-Marchetti
1100-1110 Diahatsu Jet Car Demo
1110-1130 Pitts Special
1130-1140 Pitts Special Aerobatics
1150-1200 Dragonfly/Hangglider
tow and release
1200-1215 Cudgegong Cruisers Timed Run
1215-1230 Cudgegong Cruisers Timed Run
1230-1300 Pitts Special Car versus Plane challenge

Diahatsu Jet Car
Jet Car versus Pitts
1300-1315 Grumman Avenger TBM-3E Handling display
1315-1330 Water Bomber AT 802
Filling of water bomber
1330-1345 Water Bomber AT 802
Fire Fighting Display
1345-1400 Gyro-Magni M24
Handling Display
1400-1430 RAAF Roulettes Pilatus PC9
Formation Display
1430-1445 Cudgegong Cruisers
Timed Run
1445-1515 Yak 52
Aerobatic Display
1515-1530 Gyro-Magni M24
Handling Display

Joy Flights all day

Antonov 2
Joy Flights all day

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* The Mudgee Aero Club reserves the right to alter the program without notice subject to last minute aircraft changes and or availability.

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